Primary Duties

1. Implement laws, regulations, rules, guidelines and policies of poverty alleviation. Responsible for coordination, guidance, supervision and management of the city's anti—poverty work.

2. Formulate the developmental strategies, policies and measures, poverty—alleviation standard, developmental projects, final goals and annual plans of the city's poverty alleviation work, which can be organized and implemented after being approved. Participate in the formulation of policies and planning involving in the economic and social development of poor areas.


3. Responsible for the enforcement of administrative law on poverty alleviation. Responsible for the allocation and management of poverty alleviation funds. Responsible for the supervision of the use and management of poverty alleviation funds. Organize the evaluation of performance on the use of poverty alleviation funds. Responsible for the management and implementation of poverty alleviation projects.

4. Responsible for the statistics and dynamic monitoring of poverty alleviation projects. Responsible for the statistics of information in poverty alleviation system. Responsible for the publicity of poverty alleviation.

5. Organize the project of industrial poverty alleviation, technological poverty alleviation and human resource development in poor areas. Guide the work of poverty alleviation in different districts, and carry out the training project aiming to cadres in poor areas on poverty alleviation policies.

6. Organize and guide the work of social assistance for the poor, coordinate the central state organs to promote fixed-point poverty alleviation work, and enhance the cooperation with developed eastern regions on city's poverty alleviation work. Organize groups Based on Party and government organs to promote poverty alleviation work. Organize non-governmental forces to participate in poverty alleviation work. Organize and guide the construction of the city's old revolutionary base.

7. Responsible for international cooperation of poverty alleviation work. Responsible for the introduction of poverty alleviation funds and implementation of foreign aid projects.

8. Undertake other tasks assigned by Chongqing Municipal Government.